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Antique Pressed Botanical Specimens

Botanical Collections of Great Falls, Virginia is pleased to present an antique pressed botanical specimen page over a century old from the large two-volume herbarium of M.J.E Sicard who harvested the plants in the French countryside in the year 1900.

A herbarium (or herbier in French) is a collection of dried plant specimens preserved together in a book to be used as a reference, for research and study or for a keepsake of travels.

During our travels in France, we purchased Sicard’s wonderful two-volume herbarium and were fascinated by the age of these plants that were collected over 110 years ago, but can still be identified and many grow in our gardens today.

We also appreciated the aesthetic and antique look of these pages with the dried plant silhouetted against the grayish blue background, which we think would make unique décor hanging on your walls–with an interesting back story to tell.

Sicard hand-stitched each plant specimen onto one side of archival heavy blue paper which measures 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall. At the top right he numbered the page and at the bottom left he wrote the name of the plant.

We hope that you and generations to follow will appreciate and enjoy each of these unique pieces of nature.

Contact Us for special framed options:

We offer framed pages where the frames have been finished with eight layers of various colors with closed corner moldings. Our professional framer has utilized the finest archival boards and glass to insure the conservation of each botanical specimen. Please note that the botanical itself is intended to “float” on the archival paper to allow it to move freely on the aged paper. These framed pages are only available by contacting us directly.